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Sarah Nabil


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A music producer, sound engineer, artist manager, and label COO, Sarah Nabil has gained expertise in the industry across its various facets. The Bahraini artist is the first female R&B/Hip Hop music producer and mix engineer in Bahrain and the region. She got into music production at the age of 17 and began working with her mentor and now partner in Bahrain-based record label Outlaw Productions, DJ Outlaw.

In addition to juggling the artistic and business hats, she also manages the label’s artist roster which includes Lil Eazy (KSA), Daffy (Kuwait), and Flipperachi (Bahrain). With over 10 years of experience in the industry both being an artist and operating a label/production house that has successfully changed the face of mainstream music in the region, Sarah has worked with countless artists of different calibers and various corporate clients.

Over the years, she has worked on and produced/co-produced a wide variety of songs and projects for different artists. In 2019, she decided to do something a little different and released her first single as a singer. "Confused" was written by Daffy, produced by Sarah and DJ Outlaw, mixed by DJ Outlaw, and mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Mike Bozzi. After getting a lot of attention for Confused, Sarah followed it up with a second single titled "Good For U". 

On the business front, in the beginning of 2021 and mid-pandemic, Outlaw Productions opened their new top-of-the-line studios and one of the biggest and most equipped studios in Bahrain. Despite the physical and financial challenges that came with the Covid lockdowns, they managed to have the studio built and set up within a year with the help of a team of professionals from across the globe.

Throughout the past few years, Sarah and DJ Outlaw have continued to significantly grow the clientele portfolio of Outlaw Productions, working with clients such as EA Sports, Nike, New Balance, Pepsi, Samsung, and Colgate to name a few. Already Bahrain’s leading music production house, OP has grown into a full-fledged agency as well handling and overseeing full projects from A-Z including artist management, song production, video production, and project management. With bigger clients came bigger projects, which Sarah has learned to navigate and manage considering the unique set of challenges each project presents.

As a side role, in 2015 Sarah took on the position of Music Curator at Malja Bahrain, a non-profit art space by Red Bull until 2018, in efforts of helping the local music scene flourish. After joining, she conducted various music production workshops, organized different events, connected and worked with many artists, and co-hosted a monthly podcast.

In 2016, she also took on an additional role as a radio host on Bahrain’s national station 96.5. Soon after, she began hosting the daily morning show on the station for about three years, turning it into a highly popular show in the kingdom.

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