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Sarah Nabil, a Bahraini artist, is the first female R&B/Hip Hop producer and composer in Bahrain and the region as well as a mix engineer. Upon discovering a passion for music at the early age of 9, Sarah was intrigued by the piano and was eager to learn how it’s played. From that point on, she became self-taught on the piano and started coming up with original compositions. However, that wasn’t quite sufficient for her, and she felt the need to take her music to the next level. 


At the age of 17, Sarah discovered the art of music production and knew that that was what she wanted to do. Around that time, she met DJ Outlaw who has since become her mentor. Since then, Sarah has been working on developing her skill-set and collaborating with regional R&B and hip-hop artists. 

In January of 2015, Sarah took on the position of Music Curator at Malja Bahrain, a non-profit art space by Red Bull, in efforts of helping the local music scene flourish. After joining, she conducted various music production workshops, organized different events, connected and worked with many artists, and co-hosted a monthly podcast. 


In September of 2018, Sarah co-executive produced a collaborative album between Flipperachi and Lil Eazy titled "The Proof" with DJ Outlaw. The album makes a slight diversion away from commercial music and serves exactly what the title insinuates - proof that Flipp, Lil Eazy, and Outlaw Productions as a whole can give the listener a variety of different styles. A club banger with a message, a contagious afro-khaliji anthem, a lyrical exchange between the two rappers on slightly syncopated drum beat, mental health awareness delivered on a vulnerable RnB track, and more make up the 7-track body of work.


In 2019, Sarah produced a chill afro single by Flipperachi titled "Inty Jameela". Soon after, she decided to do something different and released her first single as a singer. "Confused" was released in April of 2019 and was written by Daffy, produced by Sarah and DJ Outlaw, mixed by DJ Outlaw, and mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Mike Bozzi. 


After getting a lot of attention for Confused, Sarah followed it up with a second single in November of that year titled "Good For U". The song was written by Breland Daniels, produced by Jay Urban, mixed by DJ Outlaw, and mastered by Colin Leonard. 

While keeping busy in the studio and shaping up her sound and style of production, Sarah has been working alongside DJ Outlaw on various projects and preparing for future releases with different artists. 


In addition, she also joined the DJ roster on Radio Bahrain 96.5 FM late 2016. Since March of 2018, Sarah has been hosting The Breakfast Show on the station.

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