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Hussam Aseem (aka “Flipp” or “Flipperachi”) is recognized as being one of the few passionate and devoted Arab rappers in Bahrain and the Middle East as a whole.

By considering the pessimistic mentalities and remarks he constantly received about being an Arab-born rapper from a very young age, Flipp converted this energy into a motivational drive to voice his certain situations, feelings or emotions until he breaks through. With his burst of energy and explosive lyrics which he soon mastered, Flipp started putting Bahrain and the entire region on the musical map.


Having the same passion, energy, goals, and remarkable talent, it was not long until Flipp met the already well-known DJ/Producer DJ Outlaw, and in 2008, Flipp joined Outlaw Productions.

This resulted in him being part of DJ Outlaw’s “History In The Making” studio album featuring local artists along with internationally known stars of the music world. The album was launched in the markets as well as across all digital music distribution companies.

Flipp then released his debut studio album titled “Straight Out Of 2Seas” in 2014, featuring hit single “We So Fly”, across all digital music stores and in Virgin MegaStore, Bahrain. The album featured different local, regional, and international artists including Daffy (Kuwait), Ayzee (Saudi), Vico (Lebanon), and Hot Rod of G-Unit (USA). 

In July of 2016, Flipp released a collaborative album with Outlaw Productions artist Daffy (best known for his hit single Samboosa) and produced by DJ Outlaw. The album titled “9ARAT” shot up to the number one spot on the iTunes MENA charts immediately after its release, and it includes hit single “EE LAA”. The music video of “EE LAA” was also released in July, 2016 on YouTube and quickly gained a massive buzz, hitting a whopping 20 million views. The single also led the iTunes MENA general and hip hop charts, getting to number 1 on the charts only a day after its release. Music videos of the singles "Khameeskom Falla" and "Shino AlKalam Hatha" were also released this year; "Khameeskom Falla" features social media stars Tareq Al Harbi & Shuaib Rashed while "Shino Alkalam Hatha" features renowned actress Shojoon Al Hajri (Shooji). Both videos proved successful as they have accumulated over a million YouTube hits each.


Early 2018, Flipperachi released another collaborative single with Daffy called “Laywagef”. The single, produced by DJ Outlaw, introduced a brand new sound and genre in the market dubbed “Afro-Khaleeji”, combining afrobeats with elements of Khaleeji music. The single also proved successful, gaining massive attention from the media and the audience.

Later that year, Flipp collaborated with Lil Eazy on an album titled “The Proof”. The album, produced by DJ Outlaw and co-produced by Sarah Nabil, was released in September of that year and features the hit single “Atta Gas”. The album also makes a slight diversion away from commercial music, and it serves exactly what the title insinuates - proof that Flipp, Lil Eazy, and Outlaw Productions as a whole can give the listener a variety of different styles. A club banger with a message, a contagious afro-khaliji anthem, a lyrical exchange between the two rappers on slightly syncopated drum beat, mental health awareness delivered on a vulnerable RnB track, and more make up the 7-track body of work.

Continuing to reach into new markets and explore new sounds, Flipperachi released egyptian-flavored single “3ali 3al Mazeeka” in December of 2018 along with Daffy and Mahragan superstar El Sadat.


In March of 2019, Flipperachi released a chill Afro single titled "Inty Jameela". Later in the year Flipperachi and Daffy also did the official song of the first ever Abu Dhabi Showdown Week which was capped off with the main event - a fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier. 


Soon after, he also appeared as a feature on Daffy's single titled "Shoofha", which was released in November and accumulated over 4 million views within a bit over 2 months.

Flipp has also performed live on countless major occasions locally and regionally such as at the Formula One, the Red House Hip Hop music festival featuring Hot Rod of G-unit, the Formula One Race Zone venue, Bud Music’s “Finley Quaye”, Bahrain Summer Festival with Qusai, Bahrain Motor Show (opened for Xzibit), Bahrain International Air Show, Bahrain Noor El Ein, and many more. In May of 2015, Flipp shared the stage with one of hip hop’s biggest icons, DMC of RUN DMC, in a live performance of RUN DMC’s hit single “Rock Box”. 

Throughout 2019, he performed numerous concerts and headlined different festivals across the region including Bahrain's annual Spring of Culture. The Spring of Culture concert was titled "9arat Live" and included the full Outlaw Productions roster - Flipperachi, Lil Eazy, Daffy, and DJ Outlaw.

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