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Hussam Aseem, better known as Flipperachi, is recognized aa Bahrain’s pioneering hip hop artist/rapper and one of the region’s most sought after artists in the hip hop realm with an unbeaten ability to create songs that catch on. With a fanbase spread across a wide age demographic, he has the skill to attract a wide variety of listeners, from the youngest to the oldest of them. Some of his biggest hits include Ee Laa, Shino AlKalam Hatha, Shoofha, and most recently, Nayda.

Flipp’s career took off when he met DJ/Producer DJ Outlaw and was signed to Outlaw Productions in 2008. After years of developing his sound and brand, Flipp released his debut studio album titled “Straight Out Of 2Seas” in 2014, featuring hit single “We So Fly”. The album featured different local, regional, and international artists. 

In 2016, Flipp released a collaborative album with Outlaw Productions artist Daffy titled “9ARAT”, which shot up to number one on the iTunes MENA charts immediately. The album includes hit single “EE LAA” which quickly gained a massive buzz, topped MENA charts, and is currently sitting at almost 40 million views on YouTube. 

Flipperachi is most notable for being one of the most skilled and versatile rappers in the region, releasing and appearing on numerous hit songs in a variety of styles, including “Shoofha" with Daffy, “Dose Dose”, “Enty Jameela”, “Balash Ana” with Carmen Soliman, and many more. He’s also performed and worked with international names including The Game and Shaggy and has performed countless shows on some of the region’s biggest stages and events such as MDLBeast and Expo2020. 

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