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DJ Outlaw, born Mohammed AlMohri, is a DJ, music producer, sound engineer, and the founding member of Outlaw Productions creative studio. Born and raised in the Kingdom of Bahrain, his musical career started back in 1997 when he began as an independent DJ.


Outlaw released his debut studio album "History in the Making" in 2009 featuring many local and international artists combined. It is the first Bahraini hip hop album to be distributed in musical outlets across the country as well as being sold on all digital distribution companies including iTunes and Amazon.

As a producer, Outlaw has been producing music since 2003, and some of his biggest production projects were "Bahrain Unite", which features a number of Bahraini artists and musicians, and "Arab World Unite" released in 2011 and featuring seven artists from all over the Arab World. Both tracks made a huge buzz in the region and grabbed the attention of international media outlets.

Adding to those was the release of hit single “Samboosa” in 2014 produced by DJ Outlaw & performed by Kuwaiti Outlaw Productions artist, Daffy. Samboosa quickly went viral, bagging 100,000 views on YouTube within a week of the music video release. Soon after, it was aired on MTV and other music channels on high rotation.

In July of 2016, a collaborative album between Outlaw Productions artists Flipperachi & Daffy and produced by DJ Outlaw was released. The album titled “9ARAT” shot up to the number one spot on the iTunes MENA charts immediately after its release, and it includes hit single “EE LAA”, also produced by DJ Outlaw. The music video of “EE LAA” was also released in July, 2016 on YouTube and quickly gained a massive buzz, hitting a whopping 20 million views. The single also led the iTunes MENA general and hip hop charts, getting to number 1 on the charts only a couple of days after its release. Music videos of the singles "Khameeskom Falla" and "Shino AlKalam Hatha" were also released this year; "Khameeskom Falla" features social media stars Tareq Al Harbi & Shuaib Rashed while "Shino Alkalam Hatha" features renowned actress Shojoon Al Hajri (Shooji). Both videos proved successful as they have accumulated over a million YouTube hits each.

Early 2018, another collaborative single between Daffy and Flipperachi was released called “Laywagef”. The single, produced by DJ Outlaw, introduced a brand new sound and genre in the market dubbed “Afro-Khaleeji”, combining afrobeats with elements of Khaleeji music. The single also proved successful, gaining massive attention from the media and the audience.

Later that year, Flipperachi and Lil Eazy released an album titled “The Proof”. The album, produced by DJ Outlaw and co-produced by Sarah Nabil, was released in September of that year and features the hit single “Atta Gas”. The album also makes a slight diversion away from commercial music, and it serves exactly what the title insinuates - proof that Flipp, Lil Eazy, and Outlaw Productions as a whole can give the listener a variety of different styles.


Continuing to reach into new markets and explore new sounds, DJ Outlaw produced egyptian-flavored single “3ali 3al Mazeeka” in December of 2018 featuring Daffy, Flipperachi, and Mahragan superstar El Sadat.

Getting into the world of theatre, Outlaw Productions opened a new door in producing music for theatre as Daffy took on the role of music director for a children’s musical titled “Tomorrow”. Led by Kuwaiti superstar actress Shojoon Al Hajri playing the lead role, “Tomorrow” ran shows in Kuwait, Jeddah, Riyadh, and the UAE. The music, which was produced by a team of musicians including DJ Outlaw and Outlaw Productions, fused between the worlds of hip hop, R&B, Pop, and Arabic music. “Tomorrow” was then awarded Best Music for Children’s Theatre at Kuwait’s annual festival to award theatrical performances. Outlaw Productions was also given the award for best production company.


The year after, Outlaw Productions worked on the music of another two theatrical plays. One of them, titled "I Wish" was starred by Shojoon Al Hajri, and the other, titled "The YouTuber" was starred by YouTube sensation Dyler.


In 2019, DJ Outlaw performed and led on one of the biggest shows of his career to date, headlining Bahrain's Spring of Culture alongside Flipperachi, Lil Eazy, and Daffy in a show titled "9arat Live". The show grabbed the attention of media and organizers across the region, being one of the biggest live show productions in hip hop the region has seen. 

DJ Outlaw has also successfully worked with artists such as, G-unit, DJ Lord sear, MC Lyte, Jaz O, The Outlawz, TQ, Ace Hood, Freeway, Mad Skillz, Fatman Scoop and actor Orlando Jones , Also shared the stage with artists such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Tony Touch, Junior Jack, Yves Larock, Fatman Scoop, DJ KOOL, Shortie Blitz, Just Blaze, Tabu of the Black Eyed Peas, and most recently, DMC of RUN DMC.  DJ Outlaw also performed in the hottest clubs/events all over the Middle East region.

Adding to his resume and expanding his expertise, DJ Outlaw has also joined the DJ roster on Radio Bahrain 96.5 FM late 2016.

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