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Outlaw Productions, Bahrain’s pioneering hip hop production label, was founded in 2003 by DJ Outlaw. The label has since grown to be known as one of the top in the MENA region in hip hop production and a major trendsetter in the regional music scene.

With a team of six artists divided between Bahrain, Kuwait, and Jeddah, Outlaw Productions has released various singles, albums, mixtapes, and music videos that have taken the region by storm. The team continues working on bigger projects and collaborating with different artists, taking the local scene to the next level. 

Upon opening a brand new, officially registered recording studio in 2013, Outlaw Productions also offers production services including recording, composing, mixing, mastering, radio commercials, and theme song production for companies that are looking to have that edge in the scene.

Over the years, Outlaw Productions has worked with countless major brands, building a highly reputable resume and establishing itself as a leader and a go-to in the region for companies wanting to create fresh advertisements and hit songs. 

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