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Independent record label Outlaw Productions has officially signed an exclusive distribution deal with The Orchard as the region’s first independent hip hop label to sign major distribution. The label, founded by Mohammed AlMohri AKA DJ Outlaw, is the regional industry pioneer of Khaleeji hip hop and innovator of the modern sound of commercial music in the region. The artist roster includes Lil Eazy, Flipperachi, and Daffy.

Founder/CEO Mohammed AlMohri and COO/managing partner Sarah Nabil are closely working with their new strategic partner on a roadmap that brings Outlaw Productions’ and The Orchards’ shared vision to life. “This is a major step towards the growth of both our music and Khaleeji hip hop in general. As an independent label, we see this as a stepping stone towards solidifying the music industry in the region, and it exposes us to the global reach that The Orchard brings” said Mohammed.

Following the signing, Outlaw Productions’ full catalog has been integrated to The Orchard as the label gears up for new releases. “We’re excited to execute the release plan for all our artists that we’ve put together with our new partner. We look forward to taking our distribution to the next level with The Orchard, increasing our output as a label, and further establishing the presence of Khaleeji hip hop in the industry,” added Sarah.

“We are excited about partnering with Outlaw Productions, and look forward to supporting the Khaleeji hip hop music scene through such a successful record label. Outlaw and The Orchard speak the same language, and I’m sure that this is a start of many successful future collaborations.”, said Mahmoud Gamal El-Din, the Orchard’s Client and Retail Marketing Manager, Middle East

With over 300 million views and streams, Outlaw Productions’ catalog has seen exponential growth in the past few years and continues to expand. Best known for its innovative sound, the label has successfully created and pioneered the Khaleeji hip hop genre with hit records such as “Ee Laa”, which has generated almost 40 million YouTube views.

Outlaw Productions artist Lil Eazy commented, “I’m proud to be part of a label that has a strong grasp on the regional market and now also part of a global distribution powerhouse allows me to have my creative freedom and at the same time opens me up to a wider global reach. Being based out of Saudi Arabia, this signing comes at the perfect time considering the shifts and growth in the music and entertainment scene in the Kingdom.”

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Abdullah Almuhanna
Abdullah Almuhanna
06 de jan. de 2023

How i can record songs with u

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