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Born in August of 1991, Abubakar Al Jilany, aka "Lil Eazy", is a Somalian Hip Hop artist born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Lil Eazy started his music career as a solo artist in 2007 and put out his first song in 2008. In 2009, he started getting attention as a member of the Knockout Crew, a hip hop group out of Jeddah, at a time where hip hop in the region was heavily focused on disses and battles on hip hop community online forums.

Determined to change the perception of hip hop in Saudi Arabia, Lil Eazy took a direction towards commercial music and steered away from diss tracks, focusing on more relatable content. This made him the first rapper in the Kingdom to go down a new path and expand the hip hop audience to include a larger demographic of fans.

In April of 2014, the Knockout Crew signed a contract with Saudi-based record label Jeddah Legends. In 2017, Lil Eazy became a solo artist and remained with the label until October of that year. Shortly after, he signed a contract with Outlaw Productions, officially joining the team.

The rising star has gained popularity across the region for his unique style, cutting through a dense market of Saudi-based rappers and standing out. The music video of his single "Millionaire" quickly passed 1 million views on YouTube soon after its release, making it his biggest single to date.

In 2018, Lil Eazy put out another single titled “Mathaher (Ma Hametoni)” which also quickly gained popularity. Continuing to make 2018 a big career year, he was also chosen to feature on the KSA version of the official anthem of the 2018 World Cup titled “Colors” alongside Jason Derulo and Aseel Omran, getting him massive media attention from TV, radio, and print outlets.

Later that year, he collaborated with Flipperachi on an album titled “The Proof”. The album, produced by DJ Outlaw and co-produced by Sarah Nabil, was released in September of 2018 and features the hit single “Atta Gas”. The album also makes a slight diversion away from commercial music, and it serves exactly what the title insinuates - proof that Flipp, Lil Eazy, and Outlaw Productions as a whole can give the listener a variety of different styles. A club banger with a message, a contagious afro-khaliji anthem, a lyrical exchange between the two rappers on slightly syncopated drum beat, mental health awareness delivered on a vulnerable RnB track, and more make up the 7-track body of work.

In 2019, Lil Eazy performed numerous concerts and headlined different festivals including Bahrain's annual Spring of Culture. The Spring of Culture concert was titled "9arat Live" and included the full Outlaw Productions roster - Flipperachi, Lil Eazy, Daffy, and DJ Outlaw.

Over the past few years, Lil Eazy has released multiple songs and been on various features. He's also performed on some of the region's biggest stages in front of sold out crowds, including MDLBeast. Further proving and solidifying his impact on music in the region, he has been on the judging panel of XP Music Futures' singing competition, XPerform over two consecutive years.

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