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Confait, born Abdulla Abdulhakeem, is a 25 year old Bahraini-Seychellios artist. With a passion for music, dance, and hip-hop, Confait got an early start on developing his skill-set. He started writing songs at the age of 13 years old and taught himself how to make music that he can write to.

Growing to take music more seriously, Confait performed at any chance he got at local events. He also started putting out a few songs that turned eyes towards him, most notably “Chicken Nugget” anthem in 2016.

His style, demeanor, and talent set him apart from other rappers in Bahrain, which lead to him catching the attention of Bahraini music producer DJ Outlaw and his record label Outlaw Productions. As of January of 2019, Confait is a signed artist under Outlaw Productions.

In 2019, Confait quickly broke out as a popular figure on TikTok and has gained growing popularity after creating the song and dance challenge titled #Fortnite_Dab. The challenge quickly caught storm on the TikTok, becoming one of the most recreated pieces of content on the platform in 2019, and the videos of the challenge have collectively surpassed 86 million views. 

Following that success, TikTok Arabia announced at its end of year ceremony on New Years Eve in Dubai that Confait was the winner of 2019's award for Most Popular Original Song on the platform. 


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